He Loves His Hair, Doesn’t He?

~ by silverrrcloud on April 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “He Loves His Hair, Doesn’t He?”

  1. i find every other guy in this picture cute for some reason, and ugly hair boy has the same sweater as the one with the quirky scowl in the second picture…the guy with the teal button down is scrumptious, and the one with the shawl on has a nice ass/figure? in the first pic random dude walking by has nice hair and muscles… but the hair commands the most attention, even though it’s on a guy who would otherwise be cute without it.

  2. They indeed, seem to be hanging out together, shopping for the same outfit, etc. I’d say that he went into quite some trouble to gain some extra attention. Yup, he is kinda cute, and so are many other dudes around. With that hair, he is crying “I want to be noticed”. So, he does…


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