Dudes in Cool Drag

~ by silverrrcloud on January 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dudes in Cool Drag”

  1. That doesn’t look like drag to me lol.. more like uniform hah…

  2. Hey m4m:
    Thanks for stopping by…
    Yup. They are wearing historical uniforms. Turn on the 21st century feel, and it feels like a drag, nonetheless.
    Just kiddin’ Like it says in the subtitle: Gay guy’s prospective…

    Have a good one,


  3. This is Almudaina Palace in Palma de Mallorca http://www.mca-hotels.com/holidays-guide-mallorca/8/12/24/palma-de-mallorca/monuments/almudaina-palace/
    The local constabulary (“Honor Guard”) are doing some sort of tourist gig, bud, so it is, granted, “drag”, in a manner of speaking. Note the sign on the wall telling us that the next featured event will be Saturday @ 12:00 a.m. BTW #1 they must be meaning “noon” (“12:00 a.m.” means midnight~~12 hours before noon, the meridian “m.”~~get it?!), & one assumes that the church bells have just now a little while ago (the press, the tourists & a few otherwise unengaged locals all being present & accounted for) rung 12 times. Check the local grapevine for the time of the constabulary’s next dragula appearance scheduled @ some comme il faut Palma de Mallorca supper club! BTW #2, one suggests additional tags Palma de Mallorca, Almudaina Palace, dragula. honor guard. BTW #3: loving your whimsical tag “next-door dudes”!

  4. Indeed, you got the location absolutely right. And, yup, drag in one form or the other it is, too.

    Since I have a home nearby, and live part of the year in Palma, the guys really ARE the next-door dudes doing a bit of tourist/Mallorquin tradition/identity and the rest gig. Thus, the tagging:)


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