Agony Uncle: Geoff’s Birthday

amizade_06Hey Cloud:

I landed here thanks to the Google Almighty.

Just to remind you, I was one of the guys, who sought your help and advice while you onboard the boards as a moderator.

Here is the scoop. Two years ago, I went to college. I was a total newbie, your usual HS jock with a modest sport scholarship. I wrote to you that I thought the phrase, “young, dumb and full of cumm” must have been coined for me alone. I accepted an invitation to join the local Jock Central fraternity, pledged, and met Geoff, a fellow freshman and a fellow pledge, too. K, so we connected almost immediately, went through the Hell Week, and bonded alright.

Fast forward a bit. I kinda panicked after Geoff and I started trading the handjobs one night in our room at the fraternity house. You wrote, basically to tell me that I should not be sweating it too much. Both Geoff and I were dating, plus getting quite some pussy on the side, plus, you said, it was not unusual for the very close friends (and fraternity brothers) to have some sort of sexual interchange going on between them. For a few months, those handjobs were really bordering on the usual goofing and horsing around. I was sure that this was OK, plus, I thought, we would stop, once the novelty wore off.

Geoff’s chick was giving him some serious grief this spring while milking him for his cash like there was no tomorrow. If you still remember, Geoff is loaded and pretty generous, and I am just a poor college student whose folks still live in a trailer park, if that matters. Anyway, Geoff dumped the bitch unceremoniously, since she didn’t deserve any better.

He was seriously down. Pretty much for the first time, since I have known him. We guzzled the two sixpacks together at a record time even for the two of us, and as you may be guessing now, ‘one thing led to another’. Don’t ask me, how and why, but I ended up on my knees before Geoff giving him a full BJ. Unlike myself later on, he had the wits to let me know that he was going to shoot, pulled out, and drenched me in his jizz. The next morning, I woke up with the usual woody, and Geoff promptly returned the favor. I must have completely lost my control, and uploaded all I had straight into his mouth without any warning. Being a real brother, Geoff even didn’t mention it.

It was no brainer that we never returned to the handjobs anymore. I’d say, we were trying not to overdo the good thing but somehow never failed to trade the BJs at least couple of times every week. We never mentioned that to each other. What was there to talk about anyway?

For my birthday in July, Geoff gave me that awesome watch he had caught me drooling over on the net several times. Shit, I could have lived off that money for at least half a year. But that’s Geoff. He does not care about the cash. There was a birthday card attached to my present, too. No wishes, no nothing, as they say. Just one sentence that I will never forget all my life: “I’ll be your man tonight, if you want me to?”

I used to be totally determined that I would never cross that line. OK, trading the handjobs was so HS. Trading the BJs was shit but since both of us have enjoyed it so much, neither he nor I was going to call it quits. Neither Geoff nor I have ever been short of chicks who were putting out pretty regularly anyway. So, life was good.

And this is where I went so totally wrong. I did not want to turn him down. And, yeah, I really wanted to see, if he meant it, too. Hell, he sure, did. We got slightly buzzed, and I nailed him alright, as if he were a chick begging for dick. That was the best orgasm I have ever had. I won’t say more about this.

Just like I feared, once we crossed that line, there was no return. I would suck him off pretty regularly, and he would let me plow him without any restraint.

You could say this was how it all went, and how the cookie crumbled. No one got hurt; the two of us have been obviously enjoying it, and no one is worse off for this.

Yet, the day of reckoning is near. Geoff’s birthday is coming up shortly. I do not think that he either wants or needs anything that he cannot buy himself. I’ll give him a nice present, nonetheless. I also know Geoff. He is all man. I have seen him nail a few chicks, and I know that he enjoys being on the top of things, too. He knows that it will be his turn this time around. There is no way that I can ignore this, and still stay his friend.

To make the things even worse; of the two, Geoff is a bigger guy in every sense. He is fuckin’ 6”6’, and has a tool to fully match his height. Both of us are very athletic, and I sure can take a lot of pain, but I am scared shitless. Who wouldn’t be?

Though, I’d like to think that there is a way out of this, I know, that there isn’t. Besides, I do owe him this, no matter what.

Just like most other people, I have probably answered all my questions, too. Yet, I am wondering, if you have any angle on this. It is not that I am very hopeful, but it sure, doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks a million!


I have anonymized the references in order to protect the innocent.
If there is any collective wisdom among my readers, let it shine NOW!







Hey You:


Thanks for stopping by to check on me here. It does not happen too often that resident Agony Uncles get to hear the continuation of the story they have provided advice on.


Look, I see two relatively separate issues here.


First, the simpler, more technical, if equally so, more imminent issue: Geoff’s birthday present. So far, your little sexual exchange behind the closed doors has always been based on full reciprocation. I am with you, when you say that Geoff is expecting the favor returned. Or at least, you ought to show the guts and offer. No one knows where this may go. The chances are that he may like topping you as much as you apparently like topping him. So far, you have been pretty equally matched, and there is a chance that this will go that way, too.


All the crude butt jokes notwithstanding, your fear is legitimate. A big, powerful guy in every respect may be a pleasure for someone who knows all the ropes and an awful torture to an inexperienced friend who is merely returning the favor. The classical wisdom here says that you should get there well-prepared. You know Geoff’s size. Get yourself a similar dildo and start practicing with loads of lube. Most bottom guys I know swear by that practice. First, you’ll get used to a massive intrusion, and second, you’ll gain the confidence that you really CAN take him. Arm yourself with loads of patience, too. Give yourself breaks, and work on it. Try different positions, and decide which one works best for you. Geoff is your friend. He knows that he is a ‘big’ guy, and he won’t want you in serious pain. Most likely, he’ll go with your guidance, at least for that first time. But you ought to know what works best for you. Second, try to see the whole thing from Geoff’s prospective, too. He offered to be “your man tonight”. Whatever his motives might have been, he certainly had a hang for unusual birthday presents, and he had the guts to give it a try for that one night. Let’s face it, if he did not like it, he would not be letting you pound him again and again. After all, you may like it, too. Or you may agree that this is the price to be paid for having some private fun with Geoff with his feet up in the air… Only time will tell.


Second issue here is that there is a very obvious elephant in the room. Trading handjobs happens more often than most guys will ever care to admit. To some, it is a part of the actual rites of passage, a bit more like an initiation into the world of adulthood. No one really spends much time and thought sweating over it. But the things did take a different turn between the two of you; you started trading BJ, and you are now pretty deep in the woods, with the anal sex going on, if you are catching my drift?


Once Geoff’s birthday fun is behind you, you want to sort out your thoughts and your emotions. You ought to be absolutely honest with yourself. Is this thing going on between the two of you simply an expression of a very strong personal bond coupled with the proverbial horniness of the two, young athletic guys approaching their prime or is there anything more to this?


Whatever your decision may be, you ought to sit and talk with Geoff, and see where he stands on this. Try to focus on your situation here, and think outside the usual boxes with the labels, ‘straight’, ‘gay’ and ‘bi’ on them. Both of you seem to be having quite some fun with the girls around. Is that sex fulfilling, enjoyable and worth your trouble? Are you really having fun out there or are you nailing those chicks really because this is what the guys in your position are expected to do? If push came to shove, and you had to choose between the girls out there, and the sex you are having with Geoff, what would really be your choice? No one is saying that you have to make this decision, and go with it, but you still would want to know, where you really stand, wouldn’t you?


No matter what the two of you decide to do, you need to talk it over, and lift the burden of ambiguity which seems to be weighing on both of you. All your options ranging from the house with the white picket fence and loads of kids to worry about, to always having your best friend around you for whatever, to going loudly or very quietly gay, ARE still on the table. But the sooner the two of you put your heads together (no pun intended), the better will it be for both of you. Even a reasonably bad roadmap is usually better than aimless roaming through the night.


Good Luck,




~ by silverrrcloud on November 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Agony Uncle: Geoff’s Birthday”

  1. Wow. My advice would definately be to sit Geoff down, of course after his birthday, and talk about where you guys are going. You obviously have feelings for him even tho you probably can’t see it. He probably has feelings for you. It’s up to you guys on what you want to do. Don’t think about the long-term future such as marriage, kids, or owning a house together. Live here in the short term.

    Seeing as how he comes from money, don’t let him spoil you to much. That’s one way a relationship ends badly quickly (as you saw with that guy he was dating).

    You guys definately need to see where this thing is going. You don’t want it to be senior year with graduation coming and then all of a sudden it ends because one of you finds a girl that you want to be with and you tend to cut off the other.

    This advice is only speculation. I don’t know your situation nor do I know you guys (but seeing as how the story is I wish I was in that fraternity lol.)


  2. do u guys kiss?


  4. This has to be the cutest real life story ever. These guys seem so genuine. I don’t think they themselves realize just how much of a bond they have between each other.

    I knew I should have gotten into sports 😛

  5. Yeah, this story is a real turn-on. I’d definitely like to know if you guys kiss, as well. I mean, HJs, BJs and screwing certainly would indicate there’s some hotness/passion going on, and kissing is usually a big part of that. Tell us about it, dude, and don’t spare the details.

  6. Guys:
    I cannot go around prodding other dudes with your (or my) questions as in “do you kiss, guys?”. There are some things that the posters may not want to disclose.

    Yup, if I get to know more, I’ll share it here with you just as well:)

    Thanks for your comments, guys:)


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