Agony Uncle – Guy with the Size Issues

Hi Cloud:

I have been checking your blog for the daily eye candy since March. Great photos!

I am GAM, 20, now attending one of the tech schools on the East Coast. I am out to the people who need to know and have anyways no problems in hooking up with guys for sex. College is really the best time, and the fact that we have very few girls around helps, too.

I am a versatile top. I mean, I would like to be one. So far, I have only bottomed. The problem at hand is that I am very much on the ‘small and thin side’. I am so ashamed of my size that I do not have the courage to put any number to it here. I have tried indicating that I would like to get serviced, too, only to be turned down with a smirk and a comment that ‘I still need to grow’ for that. So far, all the guys I have been with have had much bigger cocks, and they always managed to have me on my knees. A few of them fucked me without any reciprocation, leaving me to on my own, once they shot their loads.

To make the things even worse, I am into the big-frame Caucasian guys who usually have enviable equipment. Hell, every guy I have seen so far is much bigger than me.

I am a straight ‘A’ student, a bit on the cute side, and a regular gym guy. Whenever I go out, I hook up with good looking guys within minutes, so I believe that I am desirable. I even do not need to show any interest in anyone. Guys flirt with me openly, and I get to pick and choose. Only to discover that I am only good, if I agree to be used as a bottom for them to shoot their loads. Don’t get me wrong! I enjoy giving a guy a good time, but I want a piece of action for me, too.

This has been going on for two years now. So, I am pretty much fed up with the whole thing. I kept on trying and trying, but so far, no one really did anything to make me shoot my load, too. (I know that this must sound so stupid. I only do not know how to put it down any better…)

I met a VGL Nordic type guy in September. He said, he was into smaller Asian guys, so we hit it off nicely, albeit on his terms. He texts me whenever he wants to fuck me, and I drop everything I am doing to go and have him fuck me like a rug doll. I have never had the guts to tell him that I would like to get serviced at least once for all the fucks I have given him, so far. Lately, he has stopped texting me, so I called him and asked if he was up for some action. He turned me down saying, “Dude, you are a great bottom; but I want to fuck real men with real dicks, if you know what I mean?”

This was the most humiliating thing I have ever experienced. He texted me last Monday, and told me to come to his place. I swallowed my pride, if there was any of it left, and went to his flat. He did not bother to take me even to his bedroom, or let me take off my clothes. He just wanted an ass to plow and shoot his load. Once he was done, he sent me packing. I cried on my way back home. Even so, I know that if he called or texted again, I would be there for him in minutes. No other guy has ever bothered to get in touch with me again, so I guess, he isn’t that bad after all, and I do not have much choice, do I?

I know that I cannot change things here. I also doubt that anyone can really help me.

Thanks for your time and your patience with my rumble.


Hey Steve:

No doubt you are facing quite some odds here.

First, I would try to change the prospective here. You do recognize the fact that you are a successful guy, when it comes to bagging dudes for the usual ONS. You are cute, have a nice, fit bod, and guys are openly flirting with you, letting you ´pick and choose´ as you say. When it comes to your daily ‘fresh meat market’, you are among the very happy few who can say that.

Equally so, that very same market places a certain value on the size of the male equipment. Call this as shallow as the value of good looks and tight bodies, but once you enter the market, you’ll have to play by its rules. To some extent, those rules work for you, and to some other extent, the very same rules work to your disadvantage. When you come to think about it, there is any number of guys out there who do not get to mess around with anyone, because they are too old, too fat, too ugly, too thin, too white or too dark. Their dicks may be just fine, yet, they are getting nowhere, too.

Let’s face it: if you are going out, picking and choosing guys for sex (and I see no reason why you shouldn’t), you must agree that the others have equal rights to pick and choose, too. This simply comes with the territory.

You recognize the fact that you have been trying hard to get your scenario played out, to no avail. There is some virtue in trying but there is a point where every sensible person realizes that they are just running against a big, mighty wall, and that nothing will ever change there.

This leaves you with two basic alternatives: either you accept your lot and bottom more or less unconditionally for the guys of your choice or you take a totally different route, and spend some cash on fulfilling your dreams. This may sound harsh, but when you come to really think about it, you, just like everyone else who does not have the goodies that the market appreciates simply has to make his offer more palatable for the other guys to take it up.

You have not mentioned trying to meet other guys via the net, make friends, date, and pick it up from there. I would certainly not leave that stone unturned. Yet, IMHE, the almighty web is after all only a reflection of human behavior in real life. Be prepared to invest, time and emotion, and possibly end up with the guys to whom you may have grown attached turning you down for the very same reason.

Last but not least, web-based dating does give you an opportunity to communicate both your wishes and concerns ahead of actually meeting the guys and going through the usual loop. This might not be the ultimate solution to your problems but at least, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have played your cards right.

Good Luck,

Plan B

~ by silverrrcloud on November 3, 2009.

One Response to “Agony Uncle – Guy with the Size Issues”

  1. I have to say, you gave the best advise you could have given the young man. You took what he had written you and gave advice based on the real world. All the best in the new year.

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