ABE – Part #3

ffi5I let Abe impale himself on my dick this time around. Not my favorite position, but definitely the right choice for a guy who knew the technique, and had a hole which actually needed a break. Being much more of grower than shower, Abe’s dick and a respectable pair of low hangers were now rhythmically bouncing on and off my abs. I was helping him lift himself up, and thought how much I was enjoying my dick deep in his bowels and my hands on his ass.

My attitude notwithstanding, I could not help wondering why he was not trying to bring himself to the climax. I was only hoping that he was not one of the those shy guys, who would go through great sex sessions only to save his own orgasm for the solitude of his private JO session. Whatever his real scene was, I was still perfectly clueless about it. Time would tell, I hoped.

He was getting a bit tired, and I wanted to get into some more serious pounding, too. A quick move on my part landed him on his back with his feet firmly resting on my shoulders.

“Give it to me, my stud. I want to take it all.” He said.

I sure, needed no further encouragement. He was in no pain, and was obviously enjoying himself. I went wild for a while, and climaxed again amid his loud groans. He remained completely passive, allowing me to run the show at my own pace. The daylight made it into my bedroom.

He climbed onto me, and started frenching like a pro. No doubt, Abe knew how to push all my buttons. I, on the other hand, was lagging behind, obviously missing a major part of his puzzle. Most likely for the sake of sheer fun, I suddenly slapped him lightly on his ass. He pulled out his still hanging tongue, and for the first time started jerking on his fully erect cock. I was getting somewhere, after all.

I stood up quickly, grabbed him around his waist and bent him over my knees. I enjoy giving a deserving guy a good, sane spanking. Abe went completely wild within seconds. His dick was rubbing against my calf muscle. He broke into many ‘pleases’; no, I should not stop. This felt far too good, and he deserved it, too. Within minutes of his ass cheeks getting a healthy rosy sheen, Abe lost his load. He had been primed for a long time, and now he was shooting all of his ammunition. Gobs of mancream started traveling south towards my right foot.

“Dude, I am so sorry! I should have warned you…” He said, still trembling with light seizures that his climax just produced.

I smiled. A guy needs to get his rocks off.

“Hey, I was only very happy that I could push this button.” I said. And I sure, meant it, too.

Abe quickly climbed down, and started licking his own juice from my leg. This was very hot, even if I am not into the cummeaters. With him enjoying it, it all made sense.

Over the morning coffees at the kitchen table, Abe was getting a bit fidgety. There was something on his mind.

“Dude, spill it out. I have been around the block for more than just a couple of times.” I said.

“Oh, it is nothing, really. I mean, I was just going to ask you to keep it all just between the two of us. It would not be too cool, if other guys out there knew about my little spanking thing, if you know, what I mean.” He said.
“Abe, do not waste your time thinking about it. This is what makes you tick, no one is getting hurt, and you are a great player, too. Besides, I do not go around boasting of my conquests, and telling on other people. Grown up men do not do that.”

Abe started slightly giggling. “I thought, you would not be doing it anyway, but I felt, I should mention this bit, too. I hate to look like a perv or something.”

“Look, I actually enjoy giving a guy’s ass a healthy workout in every way. I do not have to spank a dude, but if he enjoys it, I am more than happy to oblige.”

Although we exchanged the cell phone numbers, I did not really expect Abe to grab the initiative, and call me first. For all his prowess, he was a bit on a shy side. While chatting over the morning coffee, he said that he hoped I was going to stay in touch, and we were going to meet up again.

I was wrong.

Abe texted me at 11 o’clock that very same morning. “Are you up for some fun this afternoon?”

I replied immediately. “Stop by at 5. I have got something for you’.

Abe sure, was no flake.

~ by silverrrcloud on November 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “ABE – Part #3”

  1. is there going to be a ABE #4?! definitely enjoyed the first three.

  2. Yup. There is going to be ABE #4. Stay tuned. I’ll post it in a week or so:)
    Thanks for stopping by!

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