Abe – Part #1

Bottom View

Abe – Part #1

I was just about to wrap it all up, and hitch the first cab ride on my way home.

I got to the “Eagle” far too late, and I guess a rainy, damp late November Wednesday night was not really THE big night on the town around there. Frankly, I did not care. I had a very long day at work. I sure, earned my drinks that night. A hot guy to mess around a bit would have been fine, too. Only, the “Eagle” was rather on the empty side: few regulars, way past their prime with a rare sprinkling of several Eastern European ‘amateur working bois-wanna-be porn stars’ barely of legal age sporting impressive quantities of that awful-looking faux-gold that they must have bought at one of the cheap German coffee retailer chain stores.

I stood up to nod my ‘Good-byes’ to the two baristas whom I had known for a few years when Abe walked in.

If I was too late for the Wednesday night, this guy must have been completely hopeless. Our eyes met. He smiled and nodded lightly with his head. I returned the favor. I froze in the middle of the planned ‘Good-byes’, scratched that plan on the spot, bought myself a small bottle of water, and hit the otherwise very empty backroom. He followed in within a minute.

I locked the door of the private cabin before any of the few remaining patrons realized that we were actually hooking up, and that they were about to miss on some of the show. Like I said, it was simply too late…

Abe must have been 6”1’, 165# with a good haircut showing off his cute, manly face and perfect complexion. Brown eyes, dirty blond guy in his mid-20’s with a slim-cut shirt and very low-cut jeans did perfect justice to his very tight, completely smooth body. I find beefy guys, steroid babes and the victims of the overfrying sunbeds amusing to look at. Their looks scream “I want to conform, I want to be accepted” to me, and that’s the part I find to be a massive turn-off.

Abe, as it turned out was your regular gym rat, religious about his workout but determined never to reach the nether lands of grotesque by any chance.

Not a bit on a shy side, he started slowly kissing me, opening my shirt and fumbling with my belt at the same time. An obviously unhappy dude started banging on the door either hoping that we would let him in or that we may have forgotten to lock up. Abe cracked up a light smile and went down south towards my left nipple. He was pushing all the right buttons.

If I was reading it right, this guy was one of those energetic and very entrepreneurial fellows, who enjoy doing all the work for a reward of getting a preferably sizeable dick to play with. Much to his credit, he knew how to do it right. He was fast but unhurried; assertive but never pushy. For a guy of his age, he certainly lacked neither practice nor enthusiasm nor obvious talent.

Abe’s massive onslaught slowed down considerably, once he started working on my dick. If he was saving time in the beginning, this is when he wanted to spend his hard-earned savings and luxuriate on the job at hand and mouth, too.

He started by slowly kissing my dick, and was progressing towards the series of quick licks on the underside. He went to his knees straight away and never tried to bend and suck dick in that awkward position which allows for little or no eye contact – a sure sign of a good cocksucker.

He grabbed my hips and steadied himself. He used his tongue to gently slap my dick from the underside and have drops of pre-cum land on his tongue. He also kept on looking up at me to see, if he was doing all right. I started massaging the back of neck giving him a slight guidance, as to what speed of action I enjoyed most. My left hand held his tightly on my hip. Yeah, we were turning into a good team, the two of us.

Once Abe started a slow, deliberate and full-scope action, I knew I hit gold. He simply knew his stuff. No teeth on my dick, no grating, no hand action, perfect speed. If anything, this guy was a sure keeper.

After sucking on my balls and making them dripping wet, hot and bothered, he turned to occasional slow, long-lasting deep-throating. Unlike the clueless guys who thought they would learn their stuff by watching those robotic movements that grace most of the gay porn these days, Abe must have learnt his stuff on the job, as the saying goes.

He would always stop for a second or two to consciously suppress the gagging instinct, open wide and swallow my dick into his throat, in one careful, slow and perfectly crafted motion. I figured out that he was well past the guys who thought that ‘choking on their dicks’ was the highest form of satisfaction and a cheap ego-boost any cocksucker could give them.

It takes some class to elicit the highest respect while you are on your knees, sucking on other dude’s equipment. Yet, Abe did it with utmost ease and grace.

I was totally primed now, and I sensed that it was then my turn to take over. As if reading my thoughts, Abe looked up, with my dick still deeply planted inside his throat. I nodded and started the slow but deliberate face-fuck. A good top knows how to challenge his sucker to the best of his abilities. This is a complex play which involves some serious non verbal communication, series of quick breaks, changing of angles and speed, attack and withdrawal, initiative and passivity. Every fool knows how to slam his dick into the other guy’s throat. It takes some skill and experience to make sure that this other guy, kneeling before you, enjoys his ride just as much.

I felt my orgasm was approaching. I gave Abe a gentle squeeze on his shoulder; he looked up again, and saw that smile on my face. He knew, I was getting there, and it was up to him to choose, where he wanted to have my load delivered. He grabbed my ass and immediately started deep-throating. I shot a big load down his throat. He took the last two ropes on the top of this tongue, and savored the taste for a moment. The big smile on his face meant his approval beyond a shred of any doubt. bad anal sex

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