Dude with a Looming Trouble


Hey Cloud,

I have stumbled upon your blog thru the ‘sexting’ search. Yeah, Google helps… I hope you’ll help me, too.

I got myself into a real stupid-stupid situation. Here is the scoop.

“Johnny” and I have been fooling around since the HS. Nothing major, tho. We traded handjobs, later on, a few BJs, too. We really started fucking last year. We were both college freshmen guys; and no one was checking on us, rite? So, what’s the big deal?

We never really kinda talked about it. Like, ‘are we gay’ or anything? Both he and I have had a few GFs, and I am now dating a girl, too. (Neither of us have had anything to do with other dudes.) Johnny broke up with his latest girl (or she dumped him?) whatever. Being a looker guy, hehehe, I am sure, he won’t stay single for long. Besides, we are at it, at least couple of times every week. He ain’t sexually starved or anything. 

Here comes the really stupid part. 

Sometime last winter, Johnny got himself one of those damned web cameras. Like, he was chatting up all those girls on the net, so he needed one. Whatever.

He soon started like, “Wow, dude, this is so cool. We can now make our own vids with this. Way cool and shit…”

So, he said, we were going to make few clips. Like ‘he and I at it’… the hot stuff only, blah, blah… 

Dumb as I was, I did not care. Johnny and I have been friends ever since the kindergarten. I popped his cherry; he popped mine. We have been watching out for each other ever since I can remember.  Everyone knows that we are the best buddies and all… Like I said, Johnny is a cool dude and the best friend, too. 

Couple of weeks ago, I came to see him, since he had the place all to himself. He was all like ‘happy and life was soooo good’. He got laid the night before, and by the looks of it, he said, she’d be coming for more… I was like ‘OK, every dude likes to score, rite?’

He also said, since we had some time at our hands, I should see some of ‘our home movies’. 

He could have hit me in the head, too… 

The cunt has edited out all the bits that really show him in any way that he can really be recognized. Besides, he also cut out all the parts in which I am banging his ass or he is sucking on my boner. All that is gone. 

The only bits left are those where I look like someone’s bitch, asking for dick and begging to be fucked in the ass. 

I mean, WTF. I was dumbfounded. What was this all about? 

“Hey, what’s the fuss all about?” he said. “I have got you in your place. If you stop sucking my dick, or giving me your ass, when I want it, I have something to put on the web, rite?” He was all like cracking up and all… 

I decided to go with the flow, and laugh at it, too. Yeah, what a cool piece of shit that all was?

We fucked, just like we always did. Nothing has changed. We are still best friends. Like nothing has ever happened. He has never mentioned those movies and slide shows again.

We just fucked like an hour ago, and he left for his swim training. Whatever.

I am pretty sure that he meant all of that as a joke. I really do not see him placing those pix and vids on the net or showing them to anyone. This is like totally crazy.

Joke or not? Johnny really has me now in his hand, and I hate that feeling. Only, I do not know what to do about it?

If I decided to sit and talk with him about it which only seems to be the most rational thing to do, he’d be all cracking up, and saying that I am such a pussy, that we are friends, that I know him, and yeah, that we absolutely trust each other… And, yeah, how could I possibly think that he would do this to me? 

It only freaks me totally out that he went to all that trouble of editing those damned vids to the point that it all can hurt me alone. Why would he do that for Chris sake?

Any idea here? Anything that I should do except for keep hitting my head against the wall for being this stupid in the first place? 

Thanks a lot…

Guy in very deep shit…


OK, Guys:

I have e-mailed the reader, and he has agreed to have this anonymized version of his letter posted on my blog for all the advice we can give him.

Comments? Ideas? Help?

Give it a go…



~ by silverrrcloud on August 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dude with a Looming Trouble”

  1. Hey there:

    Agreed, you got yourself into a trouble here and worst of all, for no good reason at all. This truly sucks bad way. Shit does happen, no matter what they say.

    An educated guess may be that one of the reasons why “Johnny” went into this blatant betrayal of your friendship had to do with the fact that neither he nor you ever addressed the issue of that elephant standing in the room. You have been the best of friends. You have been messing around with each other for more than couple of hundred times, if my math is right, AND neither of you has had the guts to say anything about this regular, sexual thing going on for some two years now? Now, let’s face it. An occasional romp between the two best HS and college buddies is not precisely an unheard of affair. I’d be the last guy here to recommend that you should call up a major conference to discuss the subject at hand.

    But going at it for couple of times every week for some two years now calls for a clear, verbal understanding between the two of you. You do not have to put it on the front page of the local papers but you have to agree between the two of you that there is this thing going on between you, and that both of you understand what the consequences are.

    First off, it both looks and feels lame and cowardly to have apparently no problems with fucking each other at will but never gathering enough guts to say so. This is really not more than stating the obvious, but for Johnny, this may be the recognition that you are attaching some meaning to the fun you have been having together ever since the HS.

    Second off, after some two years, you want to verbalize the rules of conduct. Like in: ‘safe sex only and at all times’, ‘bros before hoes’. Etc.

    Third off, you want to address the hint he gave you with this whole little vid/pix affair. You are dating, and he is not. Low, despicable and wrong as this may be but Johnny seems to have been trying to find ways of making sure that you do not leave him hanging high and dry, once you possibly hit the jackpot and again, possibly choose to start going very monogamous with your GF. When you come to think about it, he has gone into this little dirty vid affair with all that editing to ensure that you stay loyal to him, even at the cost of blackmailing his arguably very best friend. That thing going on between the two of you must mean an awful lot to him. Why would he go to this length otherwise?

    Fourth off, be prepared to both hear and listen to more than you have bargained for. You have never mentioned any emotional involvement on your part. Johnny may have a very different story to tell here.

    Last but not least, there is absolutely no excuse for any attempt of blackmail, no matter how benign (or not) this may appear. Take the high road here, and tell him that you want him to delete all the vids/pix immediately. You’d rather take the beating, blame and shame than carry on with someone who acts in this cowardly manner.

    Just my 2 cents… as they say.


  2. Johnny has betrayed a long-standing friendship that was around long before the sex thing. If he really is a true friend he would delete all the video stuff immediately if his mate asks him to. That’s it.

  3. I like SC’s advice. Follow that before you try anything else. If that doesn’t work, would you consider coming out as bi? Your girlfriends can testify to your prowess with ladies and frankly, most of your colleagues will be trying everything on the menu while at college. Even if only once or twice to know what it tastes like. 😉

    Blackmail only works if the truth can hurt you. You can completely disarm his blackmail by being honest with the people that matter to you. It will also put you back in control of your life and the only power Johhny will have over you will be his charm and friendship.

    The closet is what’s hurting you. The truth can set you free. You might loose some friends but trust me, you will gain some and they will be more precious because they will know and accept you for who you truly are.

    Good luck.

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