Cry For Help!


Cry For Help!

I wrote about Simon and his emerging career problems earlier this year.

While going through my morning mail earlier last week, I spotted Simon’s mail. He is one of those people who only take the trouble to write, if they need something. For some rather inexplicable reason, the guys of his kind tend to believe that their needs and troubles fare very high on the priority lists of the correspondents whom they honor with their rare, invariably self-centered missives. Reading such mails rarely causes any surprise. It is always about the writer’s immediate needs and your equally immediate contribution to the restoration of his well-being.


The shit did hit the fan. XYZ & Co. Inc. (his employers) went into some ugly downsizing, and I was axed on a month’s notice. Shit!

 So far, no interviews and few rejections .Most HR folks are not even bothering with the polite ‘go, fuck yourself e-mails’. It all seems to be going down the drain anyway. I am in very deep shit with the next month’s rent and all the kids’ money I owe to their Mother.

 The ATM kept the money card yesterday, so I guess, I have crossed the line with the bank, too.

 I have already swallowed my pride and asked Mom, Dad and even my younger bro for some help. Not much coming from their side. Actually, nothing, nada, zero, zilch. Shiite… I have also spoken with a few friends. The guys are just shrugging with their shoulders and telling me that the things will eventually get better. I might be actually homeless until then?

I know that you have been foretelling this. Frankly, even I saw this coming, and did not do a thing about it. I seem to be so incurably stupid. I was always doing whatever I was supposed to be doing. I was always saying everything I was supposed to say. And now, this?

Got any idea? I need to pull myself out of this crap. Anything you could think of?

In deep shit,


Even an angel would have been tempted here to send him a simple but pointed “I-told-ya-so!” reply. Well, I did not. No one would have been any better off for that. This is what I wrote back:


Yeah, both of us saw this coming. Do not beat yourself in the head over it. Get going and waste no time now.

Martin is looking for few good dudes to help him out with his catering service. This sounds like back to the good, ole college days, with some waiting and a free meal or two on the side, but it may help to pay your rent and save you a few euros here and there for a meal.

Krista is looking for a guy to man their welcome desk at the airport on weekends. (Yeah, no one wants those crappy hours. But I guess this ain’t the time to be too picky.)

The ole Rudi dude is looking for a chauff or two for the weekends and during the summer break. (He says so.) Get in touch and cash in on your charm. 

Nope, frankly, I do not see anyone recruiting your profile and experience locally. But keep on looking. Sooner or later, someone will show up on your radar.  




If we look back at this, and try to learn from it, it comes out loud and clear that getting (nearly) everyone’s approval for all your words and deeds really matters very little in the end. People both enjoy and applaud when other people mimic their actions (as in the usual scheme of things: a few GFs, a wife, couple of children, Mon.-Fri., 9-5 job, the white picket fence, a pile of mortgage payments and a few proverbial dental bills…) and are usually full of verbal praise and approval for the conforming dude: He is one of ‘us’. It is only too easy to start believing that these people may put their money where their mouths are. 

Yet, banking on your fleeting popularity here may be a very risky affair. Praise and approval carry very little weight when it comes to you sorting out your bank overdraft and paying your rent. Here only cash helps. 

I am still silently wondering if Simon chose to conform simply because this looked like the easiest way out or, if his simplemindedness (OK, stupidity is a better, if not a gentler word) won the day? 

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



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  1. […] it; few otherwise cool dudes looked like they shitted their pants a bit too soon, but save for the Simon Dude, everyone I am in touch with have actually kept their jobs. Few perks have been cut here and there […]

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