Hot Dude Checking His Goodies… All’s There (Repost & Request)

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2009-03-30 2

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The guys at QueerClick/Chinese copied this posting onto their blog. (Thanks for the publicity and greatly increased traffic.)

Being an bit of a curios guy, I wanted to read their comment on this post and had the Babel Fish translate the text.

This is what came out of the translation:

The foreigner not bothers about trifles really, scratches with the finger facing the street for the second child 癢. Should be different male, they compare like this, good MAN! Reprint from: SilverRRCloud (there full is stochastic snapshot commander-in-chief male).
I admit that the ‘stochastic‘ bit would have never crossed my mind. I also do not quite comprehend what makes this dude a ‘commander-in-chief male’ but am guessing that this may be way to say ‘an Alpha Male’.
By the way, how do they know that dude is working towards his second child? I do not know that he has even one?
If anyone has a better working Chinese than I do (together with my Babel Fish), I’d be grateful for the translation… .

~ by silverrrcloud on April 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hot Dude Checking His Goodies… All’s There (Repost & Request)”

  1. I’d translate their comment as “Great Guy Scratches Willy on the Street: This foreigner was really unabashed scratching his nads a few times in public. You’re very weird if you’re Chinese and did this! Foreigners are apparently happy doing this.”

    The word for hansom/dashing/attractive man in Chinese means literally ‘can command an army’ but they didn’t use that word. The babelfish translation was a bit ropey to be honest.

  2. Thanks, Sir Wobin. It is kinda nice to know what their comment/posting was all about.

    I agree that the Bablefish was more than just ropey, but I did get a chuckle or two out of that one.

    There is some truth in the notion that being ‘handsome, dashing and attractive makes you a leader.


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