Gay Budapest Part Two – Gay Cruising

Gay Budapest 2-1

Gay Budapest Part Two – Gay Cruising

If you are interested in the subject, broader information on gay cruising in Prague, Czech Republic is available at Gay Prague Part Two – Gay Cruising.

Budapest has been a favorite destination for gay guys who are into ‘soft cruising’ for a long time now. Prague did make some progress on this front, too, yet Budapest still seems to be the place of choice for the soft cruisers.

‘Soft cruising’ is a both an art and an exercise in patience. Guys who read body language well, and are receptive to sublime non-verbal signals are having the run of the land here. A native by birth or by choice, if you can be one, usually cruises at one of the very numerous ‘mixed places’ either during the day or in the early evening. It is only fair to say that the matter at hand is, well, fairly mixed up.

Duna Corso is mostly hustlers’ paradise, but a few regular gay guys cruise there in the afternoons, too.

City’s famous and popular spas, like Gelert, Szeczeny and Rudas as well as the swimming pools on the Margaret Island in summer have their fair shares of straight, gay, and hustler guys. Some are looking for sex more actively, and the others will be happy to oblige, ‘if an opportunity presented itself’. By default, the same is true for a number of ‘mixed’ cafés, sex-movie theatres and bars. A good listing of such venues is available at GayCity.Net.  Similar information, if probably more extensive and not necessarily more updated is available at GayBudapestGuide.

For people, who live by the adage that the ‘journey is the destination’, soft cruising in Budapest must be the fulfillment of their dreams.  This is the score:

Get yourself a good table at one of the popular ‘mixed’ coffee shops, bars or even a good place to spread your towel at the pool. You either read a hip book in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian or play with your iPhone, iPod or similar while looking ever-so-slightly distraught.  Puffing at a cigarette helps, too.

If no one asks you anything within the first half an hour of your being there, start looking around and see, if someone might have a better lighter than you do, or if someone is reading a more interesting book. Ask a trivial question and/or throw in a non-binding, equally trivial remark. The chances are, this dude, if he finds you ‘interesting’ (which equals sexually attractive in this context) will soon start a real conversation. Depending on the heat, his and your hormones, and possibly other incalculable factors, he’ll be soon inquiring (or you’ll be telling him) about your accommodation in Budapest. If you can, and are willing to host, you may want to take your newly found friend (keeping in mind that everything you do in this life really falls into the AYOR category, no matter what they say), to your hotel room and show him all the charms of modern hotel accommodation in Budapest.  This is where your usual ‘one thing led to another’ takes place, hopefully making your stay in Budapest a very memorable one.

This kind of cruising can and will tax both your time and patience. If those are limited, you may want to go for a more hands on approach. The traditional wisdom at the moment is that you ought to start by checking out Coxx first. Budapest is neither Madrid nor Barcelona, people here are mad in their own very indigenous way; show up at around 10 pm and give it an hour, possibly two. (Make sure that you get your ‘drink card’ at the entrance; buy yourself a drink or two; pay for those before leaving at the bar, and hand over the stamped card to the guys at the street entrance. Do not lose the card, as they will turn nasty and ask for HUF 10.000,00 as a ‘fine’ for losing their little card.) Coxx has a popular set of backrooms with some action going on at most times. The place has a weird feel to it at times. Guys are often disinterested only to turn suddenly very accommodating for apparently no obvious reason. Some guys take their escorts with them to Coxx in order to stage a small show and satisfy their exhibitionist needs. Other dudes take their tricks down to Coxx for some quick sex before moving on, either because neither of them can or want to host at the moment or because Coxx seems a simpler, more efficient alternative.

Now and then, a small coterie will take over mostly to have sex with each other, and involve other dudes, if they find them attractive. An occasional street hustler may end up in Coxx, too. He’ll make all the right moves, and ask for cash just before either of you goes south. A simple ‘no’ will stop him dead in his tracks. Hustler dudes are not taken too seriously in Budapest unlike in Prague, where Alcatraz actually advertises itself as a hustler-free space.

The next station of your club hopping is the Budapest gay institution: Action Bar. The ‘Action’ has been around for quite a while now, and has its firm patron base. Other clubs and bars alike come and go. The ‘Action’ just hangs in there. The secret of their success (and longevity) is that they never overestimated the importance of tourist dollar or euro, and continued catering for the local student and working men crowd, limiting the minimum mandatory spending to HUF 1,300.00 per person. EUR 4-5 will thus buy you up to two or three basic drinks, whereas the same ‘drink card’ routine as previously described applies.

The Action may have seen its best days but the place still attracts its fair share of Hungarian college jocks, smooth German and Austrian tourists, working class boys, street hustlers, daddies way past their prime and an occasional hustler or two.  Some nights are sad and very empty. At other times, the party is virtually everywhere and all the inhibitions are lost in the backroom. The appearances tend to be very deceiving, when it comes to the ‘Action’. Even a relatively full house won’t automatically translate into any ‘backroom party feeling’, and even a very empty bar can soon turn out to be the site of a wildest orgy, if a dozen or so gay dudes on a stag party night in Budapest file in and start making out with the resident patrons.

Besides those two major cruising venues, Budapest has its good share of neighborhood gay bars with (or without) small backrooms, low prices and small but apparently loyal patrons. Such places (Mystery, Angel, etc.) seem to be there mostly for socializing, some limited PnP, pre- or post-party drinks. Check them out, too.





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