Sexting? WTF? If I may ask?


A fellow bloger has posted an interesting article on Sexting. Here is my comment. Your comments are perfectly welcome, too.

Sexting has been with us for a long time. Gay dudes have been using classifieds massively in order to hook up long time before the net came into being. If you wanted responses, you attached your pic, to a real life letter sent via the snail mail. (It worked just fine.)

With the onset of cheap photostatic copies, you’d make a good pic and send as many copies as you needed.

And then, came the web, chat rooms, IRC, Craigs Lists, sexting and all the dating portals that have become the present day mainstay.

Admittedly, hardcopying a paper fotograph and sending it around was a totally different ballgame in terms of ease and quantity but the principle of it was always the same.

If you went into dating for sex, you needed to transmit your image, one way or the other. Once those images, in whatever form they might have been, were gone, you lost control over them.

I have two points here.

First, dating for sex is a risky affair, and a young person must know that the risks involved are significant. This comes with the territory.

Second, I see very little reason to consider a career for an entity that would view my personal life as an object of their interest and inquiry. I am aware that this disqualifies me from a number of positions but I am perfectly happy to live with that. I am a sexually positive person, and see absolutely no reason for anyone who pays for my work to be interested in my private affairs.


~ by silverrrcloud on March 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sexting? WTF? If I may ask?”

  1. who are these guys in the pic

  2. Unlike most of the other pix in this blog which are my own content, this one was taken from the net as an illustration…

  3. In the electronic age children are growing up in, everyone is a celebrity and has something important to say. And the more attention, facebook friends, or twitter followers you have, the more important you feel. And feeling important and popular has always been a top priority for most teens. Sexting- or snapping naked pics of yourself and sending them to your admirers, is not really that new in concept, it’s just a new technology used by people to get attention. The problem now with digital cams and the web is that in the old days, it took quite a bit to get yourself out there, and at most, you were doing so in your school or community. So people were limited. Now, it’s the world wide web and most kids have computers to do it on. Today, you can snap a naked picture from your phone and send it to your admirer, thinking naively to yourself that that person will be the only one to see it. Then this “friend” can email it everywhere, or post it for everyone in the world to see. And it all takes about 5 minutes. Just look at the pic that accompanied this article. Any idea who those kids are or if they wanted that pic to be so public? And do you think they might like the attention that possibly millions of people are looking at their picture? Teens are not always the greatest at making good choices about things because in their world, they don’t see future consequences. And this is part of the learning process we all go through. But the lure of that much attention can lead many of us, even when we are older and “know better”, to put things on the web that might not be the best idea. So for kids, it’s even more difficult to make sane choices. How many nude pics of you as an adult are out there somewhere? Manhunt anyone? We all need to remember that nothing on the web is private. NOTHING!

  4. […] have stumbled upon your blog thru the ‘sexting’ search. Yeah, Google helps… I hope you’ll help me, […]

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