Gay Prague Part One – Prostitution

prague_street1Prague has established itself as continental Europe’s premier Gayville along with Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest and Madrid.

Just like all the other gay destinations, Prague is great for some and less-than-great for the others. So, what’s the game there and how to play it right?

The key to getting it right is understanding both the economic and legal factors. Simply, once the Communism colapsed, the once relatively affluent and proud country found itself, together with all the other former communist nations on the continent, ‘a poor man of Europe’. The running  joke about ‘having so much money under the communists and nothing to buy for it, and now, having everything to buy but no money to do so’, sums it up nicely. Yet, the Czechs are no different than anyone else. They, too, wanted the evil-sounding ‘instant gratification’ in terms of good life, designer labels and the usually infamous $300.00 sun glasses. And all that in a country, where most people take home a meagre $1,000.00 after a month of work with modest benefits. Add a very liberal legislation, a very low age of consent and generally very liberal social attitudes, and the result is more or less, rampant prostitution. (For the good definitions of escorting and male prostitution, go to‘s DICKtionary)

What makes ‘the oldest trade in the world’ different in Prague is the attitude. Besides the thriving group of essentially, young, at times homeless and deprived men, providing their services to anyone who can afford it; by no means a Prague specialty; the city boasts of a very large, if much less obvious group of YUPPIES or their wanna-bes, who are ‘escorting’ on a more or less regular basis, mostly to provide for all the good things in life: foreign travel, expensive labels and at times, even better food on the kitchen table. With the money being as tight as it is in Prague, a fully and gainfully employed young guy, wearing his prosperity virtually on his sleeve will not hesitate to pay his cell phone bill by taking an evening off and making a passing visitor a very happy man. Admitedly, this may not have been unheard of at other places, but the ease and frequency of such behavior makes Prague a place in the class of its own. The matter is rarely a subject of any controversy or even conversation, mostly because a large number of Czech men view sex as a perfectly natural need which ought to be satisfied, along with having your clothes dry-cleaned and your monthly cell phone bills paid for. There is no stigma attached to it whatsoever.

Just like everywhere else, ‘the different strokes for different folks’ applies here fully. If you are on a tight budget, like ‘the working bois’ and their attitude, Prague is still a great place, though the heyday of its being the chief European mecca for the very inexpensive sex is clearly over.

It may not come as a surprise to you that a number of present and former Bel-Ami  and Guys Go Crazy stars gladly star in your (or their) bedrooms at a somewhat higher rate. These guys are professionals and are easily found on all the major international escorting sites. The reviews of their off-screen performance are rather mixed and a good common sense, as well as reading in-between the lines might help here, too.

The guys-next-door, yuppies, students, college guys and working men and all the others are best found on: and . They may not be the hard-core professionals trying to please their clients and grow the repeat business, so their attitude is mostly of that one of getting modestly paid for what they like to do in bed as opposed to what you may be after. Thus, more communication beforehand sounds like a good plan. hunk-drinking-water

~ by silverrrcloud on January 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Gay Prague Part One – Prostitution”

  1. My friends and I are of the opinion that either there are no ugly Czech men or they don’t give passports to the ugly ones. 🙂

    Did you sample any of the wares?

  2. Not being associated with the Czech Passport Authority in any way, I cannot pass any qualified judgement as to who gets the the passport and who does not. Admittedly, I do see some virtue in your theory. 🙂

    I have met a number of ‘working bois’, mostly of the kind I have described in my post here through my friends and business partners in Prague. I also found their stories to be rather fascinating, too.

    Yet, I stopped short of hiring anyone, so far. (I am happy to report that T have been offered some very considerable, if unsolicited discounts for the services at hand.)

    I still get loads of fun in Prague anyway. Paying for something that I can get for free (or for a very small expenditure related to your usual ‘going out’ in Prague) did not sound like a very good idea.

    I enjoy hunting my men down very much. I’d like to do this for as long as I can and for as long as the actual circumstances allow me to do so.

    But, nope, I am cetainly not saying, ‘I’d never do this, ever.’


  3. […] went down, depending on the levels of personal desperation of the parties involved. Basically, the Prague phenomenon of a number of young men escorting on the side besides holding full-time jobs or being full-time […]

  4. […] If you are interested in the subject, broader information on male prostitution in Prague, Czech Republic is available at Gay Prague Part One – Prostitution. […]

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